Introduction to Math Processor

Math Processor is capable of processing ordinary arithmatic expressions as well as more advanced commands consisting of different functions and variables.

Let's have a look at our first simple session with MP:

>> 2+3*4
>> 14.0000
>> (2+3)*4
>> 20.0000

An interesting point to note is that you can change the priority of operations by using parenthises. When parenthises are not used in the expression 2+3*4, the multiplication takes precedence. However, in the second command the order of calculations is overridden by providing parenthises around the first term: 2+3.

Let's try to do a more interesting thing this time

    a = vectorin (0, 0.05, 2*pi);:
    b = sin(a);:
    c = b*1.5;:
    d = b*2;:
    plot (a, b, a, c, a,d):

After executing the above block of code, you should see three sine curves in a new window opened by MP.